Bluetooth Speaker Metal Portable Super Bass Wireless speaker Bluetooth

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◎ Bluetooth wireless music player ◎ support Bluetooth back to a key ◎ support Bluetooth hands-free two-way call ◎ Support TWS Bluetooth wireless serial stereo playback ◎ 30W high power output, built-in sound effects algorithm ◎ Φ43mm double magnetic speaker, Φ45mm double Super-Bass, 50x90mm ring Super-Bass ◎ Support Micro SD card APE, FLAC lossless music format player ◎ Support Micro SD card MP3, WMA, WAV music format player ◎ Support Micro SD card reader data storage ◎ support 3.5mm audio input ◎ built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, support for LED power display ◎ pause no play for 10 minutes automatically shut down, except for Bluetooth connection ◎ support ios ring tones to play the system, the other system is the default ringtone size:W190×D48×H66mm

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