Bobbin Clips Holders Clamps Bobbin Buddies Great for Embroidery Quilting

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  • Condition:100% Brand New

  •    Simple but super functional thread holders will add organization and fun to your sewing room.Comes in happy bright colors, green, deep pink, aquamarine and purple to brighten up your life with some color therapy.Just slip one over a bobbin, and it won't unwind even if you drop it.easy to use and the thread stays put. Reusable design that allows you to use these over and again for years.

  •   Soft bobbin holder clamps are easy to use and they can hold bobbins very well.

  •   Colorful Bobbin clamps.These Clamps are made to last, High quality product that will hold bobbins tight to prevent unwinding.

  •   Single size: 1.5X1.2X0.6CM

  •    Color: four colors are equally divided

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