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Made of environmentally friendly rubber material, you won't hurt your hands even if you play drums for a long time, don't worry about hand cramps, calluses or blisters.
-Anti-slip Design: The drum sticks accessories allow drummers to spin drumsticks without fear of the sticks spinning out of control and fall down from the palm of your hand, provide an excellent pivot point for faster drumming.
-Gesture correction function: The drum stick control clip has a ring and a fixed position for thumb to supervise the gesture of the beginner. Allowing the beginner to form a good habit from the beginning.
-Easy to install: Simply slide the drum stick control clip into and out of the end of the drum stick, you can reuse it over and over again.
-Used for fancy rotating drum sticks, assisting in controlling the hands to play better. Keep your drums practice away from boredom.u200b
-Size L : suitable for 2A, 5A drum sticks M : suitable for 5B, 7A, 7B drum sticks.

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