Face Mask Outdoor Winter Warm Bicycle Bike Climbing Skiing Windproof Carbon

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1.When you are cycling in the wind, you may feel the small particles in the air is blowing toward your face. To solve this problem, you could cover your face with this face mask
2.After you wear this face mask, you will not have trouble breathing, as it is so breathable
3.To help you see clearly what is in front of you, this cycling face mask gets a large hole for your eyes. Also, you could put on your glasses outside the face mask to keep your eyes away from the sand
4.When you are drinking water and the water drops on your face mask, you don't need to get the wet hat for a long time, as it could absorb the water
5.When you are cycling, skiing, hunting, hiking, climbing and so on, you could always wear this face mask that could keep you away from the cold air
6.Besides the activated carbon filter, this cycling face mask also comes with the fluffy lining to keep the warmth in winter
7.This warm sports face mask feels soft, lightweight, breathable, and it is durable, anti-static, machine washable to bring the convenience
8.Sewing the face mask together to increase its tear-resistant feature. What's more, the fabric is safer for people who easily get allergic to something, having no irritation to your skin

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