Ice Fishing Rod (Reel) Winter Super Short FRP Fiber Lightweight Retractable Telescopic Pole

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1.Sometimes you can put a short telescopic ice fishing rod in your car in case the opportunity comes up to stop and fish at any point, especially you are driving near the lake or river
2.When you take out and use this retractable fishing rod, you will find that it stays fully extended with no issues and easy to retract back in your suitcase or so on
3.The glass fiber reinforced plastics, also called FRP, makes up this fishing rod, featuring the lightweight factors and high toughness
4.To help you get what you need, it provides the fishing rod and the fishing rod and reel combo
5.Suitable for fishing in sea, ocean, river, stream and lake etc. Can be as a gift for people who likes to go fishing
6.This telescopic ice fishing rod comes with 2 retractable joints plus the handle, allowing you to adjust its length according to your need

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