Magic Cleaning Mops with Bucket

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The lightweight, ergonomic design is less hassle than traditional mops. This virtually eliminates cross-contamination during cleaning and significantly reduces the use of chemicals and water.

Drying Simple and easy drying: new self-cleaning system technology keeps dirt off the floor and never comes back. drastically reducing the consumption of water and chemicals, purifying it more effectively.

Wet or dry use: perfect for cleaning your home, kitchen, bathroom and office. Use wet for deep cleaning or dry dust on floors, ceilings, windows and other surfaces.

microfiber of ultrafine fabric: effectively removes dirt and retains water like a cotton refill.

High quality construction: the robust bucket and the stainless steel handle will not rust, they stand for a lifetime.

The package includes:

You know that little corner of the wall that's hard to reach? He cleans!

Under the bathroom cabinet or in the living room rack? He cleans!

The outline of the toilet or the cracks in the balcony door? He cleans!

Unreachable windows? It solves!

All this, thanks to its Flat format, which reaches difficult corners, higher and lower surfaces, with total lightness and speed.

Wash & Dry Mop is perfect, as it does not harm the floor, does not scratch your porcelain tiles or tiles.

Practical and compact, you can still store your cleaning products inside the Wash & Dry Mop, along with the detachable stainless steel rod.

What's more, its exclusive drainage discards water so you don't have any contact with dirt!

Accompanies with the Product:

Handle: 1.20 m

3 Microfiber Cloths

1 Bucket

1 Base with Velcro

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