Multifunctional Leather Refurbishing Cleaner Repair Cream for Car Seat Sofa Color paste

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Long-term use of leather goods will appear dull, fade, etc.How to deal with it ?Do not worry ,we can help you ,For leather products, we are usually colored and supplemented

Made of high quality materials, it has no toxic substances and is easy to carry ,After use, as new, the scratch defect is completely absent. After the complementary color, it is like the new one, which is not easy to fade and durable.

It is suitable for leather refurbishment and car seat surface complementary color renovation when plastic or any hard surface, such as car decoration and upholstery, furniture, leather jackets and clothes: sofas, sofas, car panels, tops, dashboards, boat seats, upholstery, luggage, clothes and carpets

About Care: You can use wet rag mix some milk to wipe is easy and make your leather bright and very soft.

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