Orthodontics Dental Braces

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Superior quality material

Irregular teeth, enough teeth gap

After correction, the teeth rebound in the patient

After the wire is corrected, it is used as a tooth holder.

Has the advantages of low cost, simple and practical.

Teeth prominent and mildly crowded, not suitable for severely congested patients.

Malocclusion adult patients because of work and on the beautiful requirement, don't like fixed appliance iron teeth tooth image, and request correction can not affect its pronunciation, cant be seen, so the adult appliance is a good solution.

Compared with the traditional appliance, has the characteristics of small volume, lightweight, not easy to be damaged, it combines many corrections functions in one.

Material: plastic

Features: good resilience, non-toxic environmental protection, a slight plastic taste

Applicable people: GM

Color: transparent

Hardness: soft,hard (optional)

Gross weight: 32g


Superior quality material

Enough teeth gap

Be used as a tooth holder

Simple and practical

Teeth prominent and mildly crowded

Not affect its pronunciation

Package Included:

1 x Orthodontics Dental Braces

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