Outdoor Decor MINI Solar Powered Water Panel Fountain Pump

Save 31%


Add the Solar Powered Water Fountain to your patio or pool and transform your garden into a picturesque paradise.

Unlike other decorative fountain, our solar-powered water fountain pump powers itself by harnessing energy from the sun and using it to pump up delightful water effects in your garden. 


Convenient to use 

Enjoy the soothing sounds of running water.

Attract more birds in your garden 

High efficiency solar panel

Circulation of water makes it less ideal for mosquitoes to breed in and algae to grow. 

Hassle-free to clean


High flexibility

No installation required

No battery or electricity needed

Will start instantaneously within 3 seconds.

It has 4 different fountain heads for different water patterns.

Energy saving


Attract more birds in your garden 


Simply place the fountain into the water, with the solar panels facing up. The brighter it receives the sunlight, better it works.

Ensure the pump is always below the surface of the water. 

The fountain floats on the water and starts pumping water 

There are suction cups attached to the bottom of your fountain to  keep it from floating around freely.


Always supply sufficient amount of water in the fountain, especially on sunny days. 

Ensure the pump is always below the surface of the water.

Keep the surface of solar panel clean to avoid the pump get blocked with dirt. 

the fountain works only when ALL panels are exposed to FULL, DIRECT sunlight. A leaf shading one panel keeps it from functioning. It does not store any energy.

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