Portable Foldable Table for Laptop With Fan

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Do you use your laptop when laying in bed or relaxing on the couch?

The adjustable ABS auto-locking joints and 360° rotate legs provide a variety of working positions from completely flat to a standing desk, a variety of height and angle combinations.

The Adjustable Laptop Stand is the all-in-one solution for computing while sitting on the couch or lying in bed. Working from the couch never been easier!

This remarkably versatile and easy to adjust stand provides a simple and affordable way to improve the ergonomics of your workspace. Work in optimum position to support spine alignment.

Ideal for raising your computer monitor, laptop or tablet to your natural eye level, the Adjustable Laptop Stand can be configured to suit your needs and can even be used as a portable standing desk.

The Foldable Laptop Stand not only enhances your existing workstation ergonomics, prevents slouching and eye strain, but it also stops 'Tech Neck', making sure you work comfortably and most importantly, safely!

The Adjustable Laptop Stand comes in two styles: the first one has integrated cooling holes to provide ventilation, and the second one comes with two cooling fans to prevent laptops from overheating for professional use or gaming.

This stand is perfect for chilling, but if you're willing to put in the work, it can also improve your posture. Use it as a standing desk at home or in the office. Just place it on your desk, raise it to a comfortable standing height and burn those unwanted calories!


Fully foldable, small volume, portable, easy to use

Ergonomic sleek design with multi-functional concept

Versatile: bed, sofa, table, carpet, standing

2 Types available: One with ventilation holes  and the other comes with two powerful cooling fans to help the computer dissipate heat

High strength ABS plastic joints, combined with durable aluminum body


Colour: Black, Pink, Silver

Weight: 1.35kg

Load Bearing: 25kg

Material: Aluminum

Folded Dimension: 53*26.5*5 cm

Folding angle range: 0~360deg


1x Portable Laptop Stand

1 x A Mountable Mouse Tray

1 x An Instruction Manual

2 x Black Non-Slip Baffle

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